Air Ventilation and humidity

What’s Eco-Smart?

MIDCOR has manufactured heat and energy recovery ventilation products for over 15 years. We pay high attentions on the energy saving in the modern buildings and indoor air quality, aiming at reducing carbon emission and improving human health. “Eco-Smart” is a new ERV series to bring down energy consumption by using DC motors and improving energy efficiency with smart control system, bringing you eco friendly climatic experience.

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Why Eco-Smart ERV?


Equipped with DC motors, energy consumption reduction up to 50%

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High efficient heat and humidity recovery for optimized comfort


Variable speed for
different applications


Optional CO2 concentration control for saving energy further



DC motors

– High efficiency, energy saving by 20-60% .
– Good liability and stability .
– Easy maintenance .
– Longer service life .
– Strong vibration resistance with lower noise and smooth operation .
– Superior torque performance, big starting torque with less starting curre .

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High efficiency                         heat exchanger

The Eco-Smart series ERV is equipped with MIDCOR heat exchanger with following features

Higher energy exchange efficiency

The heat recovery efficiency is up to 78% in winter, with average 28% air conditioning load reduction.

Selective molecule permeability

MIDCOR energy exchanger is made of 3rd generation ER paper featured by high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance. The clearance between the fibers can penetrate small moisture molecules only, preventing the pollutants infiltrating to the fresh air.


Reducing air conditioning load, save your running costs further

Running costs comparison of conventional ERV and Eco-smart ERV


Outdoor operation temperature down to -15 °C

When the frost thermistor in exhaust air side detects the air temperature below -1 ºC and last for 1 minute, the defrosting mode will run automatically.

Silencing operation

Operation noise up to 31.5 dB(A), 2-5 dB(A) lower than the ERV with AC motor, making the room more quiet and comfortable, having no influence to your living.


Energy efficiency class of A according to EU NO. 1254/2014


Automatic energy recovery ventilation or nature ventilation

In summer or winter when cooling or heating devices are in used. Bypass system is closed for energy recovery, when in summer or autumn when the outdoor temperature is soft, bypass system is open for nature ventilation.

Easy installation and maintenance

The unit can be installed either horizontally or upside down in accordance with the conditions of location. A 450mm square inspection port enables filters and heat exchangers maintenance to be performed with ease.


Linkage with external A/C system or BMS control


Slim design and construction

The slim design of ERV enables it to be mounted in narrow ceiling voids and irregularly shaped spaces.


Technical Parameter






Intelligent controller

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Airflow rate switch (10 speeds)

Temperature display – Automatic bypass

Weekly timer – Data memory/power to restart

Automatic defrosting

Electric heater defrosting (optional)

Comfortable heating (optional)

External ON/OFF

CO2 concentration control

BMS integration

Working condition monitor

Humidity control (optional)

Free night cooling

Intelligent controller panel

Infrared CO2 sensor or temperature and humidity sensor (Optional)

Noble touch screen panel

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