Architecture and Interiors Design and Rendering

While you can have the chic archaic candelabras staged elegantly in your mansion, it’s the duty of the designer to provide such a location and the corresponding interior step-up where you can showcase your antiquities that boasts of your peculiar interests and your drawing personality. Following the same sand dunes of time and the trail of innovation, the team at Midcor puts their heart and soul to provide the architecture, foundation, and monument design created from the years of experience that they have spent diligently in search of the perfect inspirations.

Architectural Services
Keeping the traditional techniques and design genres at the back of our mind, Midcor team keeps a tab on the most recent and updated architectural innovations and graphical assisted (GA) designs to provide a virtual augmentation of what we can avail to the client.

  • Mass Modeling – Saying goodbye to paper and charts, the modern architecture team dazzles its clientele by creating and executing a graphical and animated model of their multi-verse property with the help of GA designs, various software, and multi-dimensional modeling
  • Detailed Engineering integration- As one of the standing pillars of the juvenile construction, a step-by-step layout detail is framed by the top-notch engineering team which comprises of mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers along with a green technology expert in the team
  • Execution drawings – The GA drawings and representations are employed for every hook-and-loop of the foundation alongside the walls, floors, rooftops, window panels, etc

Interior Designing
Taking a sharp turn from the typical interior designing techniques and forms, independent groups of evolutionary designers embraced the upcoming visualization techniques for displaying their multi-dimensional ideas of interior designing and décor and decided to break free from the age-old designing tools and techniques.

  • Software and GA Modeling- In the era of cutting-edge technology, the Midcor team doesn’t like to lag behind when it comes to giving a virtual shape to their dreams. And so, is equipped with the latest modeling software, GA Layouts, and animations and the technical upgrades to take them on a tour of their dreams. Ergo the vision:

“We Bring Technology Enabled Design and Documentation for Integrated Project Delivery”

  • Interior drawings with Finishes and material specs- Waiting to witness the final interior design of your home, office, or studio meanwhile going bananas by just imagining the looks of the pre-proposed color scheme, equipment arrangement, and all other necessary details are the things of past now. The modern architects and designers prefer to redeem their clients of such torture by providing them a virtual drawing and 2D/3D representation of the same.
  • Detailed GA drawings of Walls, Elevations – The virtual and graphical assistance aren’t just restricted till designing and finishing touches, rather they always prove to be an indispensable tool when it comes to choosing or modulation in wall type, design, its dimensions, position; the elevations and much more.

Architectural Rendering
Rather than taking it as a mere job tool, the professionals at Midcor take architectural rendering as more of an art which enables them to create the best of the best illustrations and imaging of the proposed edifice. Thanks to the booming science and IT sector, the availability of some graphical tools and software analysis programs have made the designers task a notch easier and the owner’s visualization multitude higher.

  • The Architectural rendering is primarily done through sketching software like on SketchUp, Revit Rendering using SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Lumion etc.
  • The GA tool helps to recreate the approximate virtual scenes for rendering a pool to a clubhouse
  • The use of 3D techniques for virtual tours like Amenity Rendering is taking the tech-assisted construction dwellings by storm.

It’s needless to say that when our team undertakes a project and starts working on its architecture, foundation, and design, they leave behind a mark of their own aspirations and learning in those creations.


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