BIM/ CAD – Modellers/ Detailers

When it comes to the modeling and related detailing schemes, nothing can surpass the computer-aided technology for representing the designing ideas and their execution mode. Most of the big players in the business and marketing world have fully embraced the tech-savvy pathway for displaying their high standard priorities and victorious track record. Applying the same for construction work and modeling designs, software and multi-dimensional oriented virtual representation could heavily influence the client’s perspectives to hire a particular firm.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM, a set of design ideas and work protocol, is the core for any building contract that guides the builders and engineers to create a monument with the standardized policies set by the construction and building authorities. The complex system is not a law to be followed but is more of a designing outlet which takes a virtual figure with the help of Computer Aided Designing (CAD).

Computer Aided Designing (CAD)

The aforementioned BIM protocols are fed into the computer and creative construction designs are obtained by working on various software and imaging programs, cumulatively bunched up as CAD programming and execution. Evaluating on a massive scale, architects and engineers are dependent on a handful of designing software and programming apps like Revit, Digital Project, BrisCAD, ArchiCAD, IDEA Architectural, Bentley RAM, STAAD and ProtoSteel, etc. to present their clients with the best augmented-reality visualization of the proposed ideas to go for.
The major tasks resolved through these integrated ideals are:


Process Modeling for Architecture, Structure, MEP

First and foremost, BIM ideals are employed to layout the schematic designs and drawings for the project to provide a simplistic overview of the entire building and its adjoining premises. Right from the initial design conceptualization to the comfort level modulations and renovations on user’s end, BIM is a cardinal tool for a holistic designing approach.

Clash detection and resolution support

The virtual designing and visualization of BIM ideas through CAD techniques minimize the chances of any design or construction conflict, whatsoever, owing to the state of the art automated programs for clash detection and resolution support. The BIM oriented standards are set to attempt and provide a unique work design and construction criterion enabling both the creators and the owners to express their wishes and concerns about the building project.


Drawings and Quantity extraction

With the introduction of some evolutionary software like Revit, ArchiCAD, GraphiSoft EcoDesigner, Autodesk Revit MEP, etc it is now just a conjuring game for the modelers and detailers to add, remove, and modulate the proposed design scheme thereby accommodating a complete layout addressing of the ideas, vision, and work mode for the constructors as well as their clients.
Surprisingly, that’s not all. These artificial intelligence assisted mode of actions determine an estimated BOM and BOQ figures as well.  From furnishing artistry to evaluation of quantity figures, these programs and software always come in handy for the field of construction and design.

LOD rendering services (Revit, ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max)

LOD, expanded as Level of Development, values define the parameters and services rendered by the modeling and detailing team of the construction firm. With 6 LOD hierarchies, firms provide their architectural and building services with a minimum of conceptual design (dimensions, location, and orientation of the edifice) provision to the advanced level of the revised set of drawings and modeling coupled with the maintenance services.


Midcor Excellence

With a carefully laid out work protocol along with the technical assistance gallery, the Midcor team strives to be worthy of its name and services, owing to the outstanding modeling and detailing team, to provide its client an indiscriminate result that is second to none.
The modeling and architectural gang work with the most recent and updated designing tools like ArchiCAD, Navisworks, Civil 3D, SketchUp and much more in order to create the schemes and plans that exhibit the intricate layout in the simplest of all forms ranging from curves and bars of highway designs to the blueprints of landscape garden.
Whether a big jolly family or an independent workaholic, the team excels in providing the most excellent and comfortable living and work spaces with LOD of 100-500, using Revit, ArchiCAD, 3Ds Max and many more architectural tools.

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