Civil Services

Making a name in the civil constructions is like landing on the moon because a successful and ground holding civil monument showcases the creator’s name and his/her dedication towards its marvelous existence. At Midcor, we aim to create more of such enigmatic dwellings with dedication and commitment being our driving force for the cause. Equipped with the best technology and resources to create a skeletal framework to withstand the sands of times for decades from its creation coupled with eye-catching exterior cladding, the Midcor team is ready to rumble the field of civil constructions with full energy and promises.


Infrastructure Services

From a highway layout to the BOM figures, the core team of the company is always ready to roll on its client’s demands and diligently delivers the best to the best.

  • Layout of the Vertical and Horizontal Curves- To design the blueprint of the public monument stating each and every curve and line contributing to a stable and ground holding the skeletal rib cage. Especially in cases of highways and flyovers, the precise layout of every curve and cut is what sets the foundation of a load bearing and sustainable construction dwelling.
  • Preliminary Highway Geometric Design and Drawings – returning to the traditional modes of creation and designing to present an approximately similar visual articulation of the proposed creation. The rough sketch is subjected to extreme modulations and additions to present a precise to the tech team for its further processing
  • Detailed Highway Geometric Design and Drawings using Civil 3D- the section for the exploitation of all tech-savvy working methods where the designers and architects come together to put their vision and creative mind at work and take the client on a virtual tour of their output product

Structural Designs and BOM

  • Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design – The pliable pavement designing corresponding to different locations, venues, purpose, and requirement is undertaken by the team virtually designed with the help of their well-equipped software and augmented reality provisions.
  • Detailed Quantity Calculation (BOM)- Trained in the management of raw material and heavy equipment handling, the engineering and architectural duo overseas the money matter or Bill of Materials (BOM) figures and folds, starting from the price of raw materials, intermediate material to the sub-components and part required for the final product
  • Underpass Design- Efficient designing of the highways or roadways to accommodate and utilize the spaces below and around it for traffic diversion purposes.
  • Box/Pipe Culvert Design
  • Utility corridor- installation of a booth or shaft in the underpass design to integrate a utility space for specific requirements
  • Structural Designs of Sign Structures, Toll Plaza, etc

Special Services

The team has the following saying as one of its core values:
"It's all about enhancing and adding value to client's vision in order to create a landmark for all stakeholders."
Paying homage to this value, the Midcor Engineering Constructions has incorporated the services of green and clean constructions under its special quota. The status quo is to provide the best standing creations with a special focus to its environmental stability and sustainability.

  • LEED Documentation of the Project

The team at Midcor supports the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) document provision to ensure the environment-friendly and sustainable existence of the monument.

  • Energy Modeling

Our skilled team of professionals leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the eco-friendly work protocol. The architectural teams also provide thoroughly researched design elements that could help to save energy in the building, if the client wishes for it.

  • Daylight Simulation

Daylight Simulation is a concept where priority is given to the infrastructural designs leading to custom-built daylight entry into the edifice. Our team works hard and brings the best of such designs if the client wishes for it.

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