Emerging from the team of Building Services, electricity equipment system works in correlation with the mechanical system of the house and accounts for all the electrical supply and equipment installation in the construction premises.
The service focus is primarily divided into three subsections:

  • Power Supply
  • Emergency Supply (like inverter)
  • Backup Supply (like fuel generator)

The technical and detailing team of Midcor Constructions transcend in the field of building services with a proficiency that stands the test of times and nature. Some of the services and parameters imparted for electrical equipment of the edifice are:


Load Estimation

The team of electrical engineers and power supply contractors studies and estimates the current-voltage load values for a building based on the utility needs and requirements, weather conditions, locations, and of course the infrastructure code. This includes the evaluation of:

  • Total Connected Load
  • Peak Loads
  • Steady and Dormant state Loads
  • Use and Plug-in Points
  • Sanitation Load
  • Current Influencing Factors
  • Schematic drawings

Pertaining to the time-efficient computer-assisted software and programs like:

  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • CAD Pro Software
  • House Electrical Plan Software
  • ConceptDraw
  • SEE Electrical; and much more

The building services team at the firm prepares a highly advanced yet simple to understand schematic drawings and layout plans.
This includes the circuitry network, load shutting trip, power source destination, power distribution design, electrical harness design, control cabinet sizing and wiring, electrical cable and piping material selection, and much more.

Plant Room Layout

Electrical planning is most crucial when the room or premises is subject to space or access restrictions. Plant room layout gives the liberty to plan and assign the equipment placement according to your needs and requirements. With the help of best automated AI assistance like development software and programs like ConceptDraw, EPLAN, AutoCAD Electricals, etc. the clients can visualize the external electrical fittings layout of the plant room including transformers, backup supply, shaft piping, conductance, LT panels, and DG sets.


DIALux Calculations

DIALux is a building services software used for evaluating the lighting of the building premises. Exclusively used as a planning tool the electrical servicing team at Midcor capitalizes on this technique massively to provide the luminary lighting design and the corresponding estimated lighting calculations.

  • Visualize your idea of professional lighting together with the daylight to get a complete picture of your approach
  • Custom design and embed different premises with individual lighting design and enjoy working on each screen separately
  • Design and generate pathway and road light calculations in accordance with the laid out norms
  • Import IFC files for BIM customization and design a whole building with the advanced forms of DIALux software

Whether a cozy apartment studio or an exuberant villa the clients can entrust their visions and desires to the Midcor team to receive an artifact of their dreams rather than a mere building.

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