Green Building Professionals

The Midcor team proudly presents its green building services to the customers grading up to the indispensable need of energy efficient construction methods and buildings for the sake of a better and healthy tomorrow. The tech and management team of the company deeply understands the need for energy efficient and environment-friendly construction due to the heightened distress on various biotas of the biosphere. The designing and execution team including the management and secondary workforce associated with the firm completely support and comply by the working norms laid by the EPA and DOE with the core team being excelled in the field of green technology.
The basic services provided are:

LEED Documentation of the Project
The team at Midcor supports the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) document provision to ensure the environment-friendly and sustainable existence of the monument.
LEED is the planet-wide accepted rating system for green building technology. This widely accepted system is virtually applicable to every small or big size construction dwelling with prime focus on four aspects-

  • Employment of High-Quality eco-friendly raw materials
  • Smart Grid system in construction projects
  • Performance-based Approach to indoor environmental quality
  • Evaluation of total water usage in building for giving a water efficiency figure

Energy Modeling
Our skilled team of professionals leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the eco-friendly work protocol. The architectural teams also provide thoroughly researched design elements that could help to save energy in the building, if the client wishes for it.
The initial study for energy modeling involved the fundamental learning of the software assisted passive design element for preparing energy-efficient models in silico. The professionals at Midcor are trained in this line of working and have created some brilliant dwellings in their so long-running careers. The already trained professionals are a valuable asset to the company and we aim to utilize this proficiency for the betterment of nature and environment

Daylight Simulation
Daylight Simulation is a concept where priority is given to the infrastructural designs leading to custom-built daylight entry into the edifice. Our team works hard and brings the best of such designs if the client wishes for it.
Though this approach is not widely popular, our green professionals do their best to acquire all possible research materials and work on those techniques through the virtual augmentation modes to avail some of the unique architectural designs for efficient and spot-on daylight entry into the monument

SPV Rooftop Design
Harnessing the abundant solar energy and replacing the non-renewable energy consumption with the processed energy sources from solar energy is undoubtedly one of the greatest ideas that we humans ever had, but with the pressing need for the green approach we are still a lap behind when it comes to adapting to this arrangement.
The professionals at Midcor are skilled at choosing and designing the best solar photovoltaic rooftop design system to its clients so that we can play our part to this noble cause.

Hydronic Heating System
Employing the principle of water reuse for heating purposes, Hydronic Heating system is one of the most efficient modes of harboring a warm home environment without the hassle of constantly adjusting or filling the water tank

Efficient HVAC
The structural service team orders the economically suitable but best energy efficient HVAC components for the construction project without making a dent on consumer’s wallet


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