With the growing demand for quality in life standards, basic living conditions in a building like that of HVAC, i.e. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning have become the required industry standard for constructions. The high-tech integrated system is commissioned to provide both heating and cooling effect to the edifice with efficient energy consumption. Just a few years ago, the three fundamentals of this combo were usually split into 3 or more devices with different installation for each. With changing times, the technology advanced and now the residents can avail all of the four system equipment in a single go.


The Stages- Single vs. Multi

While the conjoint heating and cooling system remain subordinate to each other for a proper thermal equilibrium, the stages in which they are installed vary by several degrees and could make an appreciable difference from investment funds to its efficiency. The stages broadly diverge as Single-Stage vs. Multi-Stage thermostat systems.
The Single Stage Thermostat (SST) consists of just a heating and a cooling system, au contraire Multi-Stage Thermostat (MST) usually works on two or more equipment such as radiator and solar panels for heating purposes while single stage mode would only have a radiator (or boiler)
Though SST is the dominion in this field with installation in the majority of households, it’s actually less efficient than MST whose installation demands comparatively more in terms of initial investments.

Heating and Cooling System

While most heating systems like radiators, boilers, furnaces have about 95% ratings on the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, the countrywide rating of the most popular furnace is at 78% minimum.
Furthermore, as per the Solar Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) for cooling systems such as AC, the standard threshold is 13 SEER for efficiency. However, many other equipment comes with 16 SEER margin which means it is a highly energy efficient and cost saving commodity but the initial cost of its purchase and installation would be quite high.
The energy board authorities recommend that regular servicing and replacement with the upgraded model should be delved in regular households and is widely proven to prolong the life-span of the HVAC system. The consumers should further heed attention to the high star ratings which implied highly energy efficient and should opt for that material.


How Midcor helps

If the above-stated facts and figures are too much of a technological jibber-jabber for you then you should take a break and reach out to the emerging star of construction world- Midcor Construction Services. The excelled team deals with all the HVAC components and its installation process and opts for the most preferred system which best suits the user’s needs and conditions in addition to being environment-friendly standardized in accordance with the protocols laid down by the EPA and DOE.
Tackling so much of a tech-talk might bore you to death or even make you pull on your hair, but these facts and figures are the working lifelines of any construction service providing firm. We, the Midcor team, are hired to redeem you of such technical jargon and provide you a simple assessment of the product and its installation with no hidden commission or extra payments from your pocket. We only accept what we deserve.

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