Meeting the requirements and fulfilling the needs of an individual’s landscaping project is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the creative professionals at Midcor Engineering Constructions never cease to dazzle the onlookers and guests with their stupendous results. Honing the skills of landscape designing, the Midcor team is prepared to yet again leave their audience with a dumbstruck reaction owing to the marvelous designing and perfectly detailed execution of their landscape architectures.
Those days are long gone when landscaping simply formed the serene imagery of vibrantly colored flower gardens coupled with the gentle touch of the playful gale on your face. Today landscape constructions undertake much more variant tasks and activities under its shadows requiring efficient equipment and articulating materials. The key is to efficiently utilize every inch of the available space into making something that is adored by our eyes and mind.
From pools to patios, the backyard isn’t just a venue for play dates and evening walks with your tiny tots, rather it’s more of a weekend brunch scene and major baseball match audience entertaining perspective these days.


What to look for?

While opting for a landscape modeling or renovation, the clients should take note of following services and provisions in a construction company on their checklist:

Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping is nothing but the integration of man-made artifacts in the landscape premises that can range from concreting a granite pathway to building a secluded patio with a mini waterfall on the side.
Appeasing to the eyes as they are, the retaining brick-textured walls, patio, pergola, ramada, trellis, arbor, and even a greenhouse could do wonders to beautify your simple and sober garden area.


Masonry Repair

The modelers and masons should be skilled at producing some of the most pleasing but withstanding marveling structures like traditional steps and pathways, stone and brick textured walls, elegant gazebos, stone-carved natural looking waterfall, and much more.
The quality and detailing should be symbolic and hold the testimonial in itself of the excellence delivered by the masonry team.

Handy Craftsmanship

The landscape designing demands to inculcate the raw beauty and hand-furnishing of the modeler or curator. Patience and practice are the only supporting pillars for mastering this art of free designing and literally gaining an upper hand in the detailing craftsmanship.


Ideas and Modulations Manifested by the Midcor Team-

  • Laying out ideas and designs for the backyards that could include pool gaming, outdoor activities, patios, and hardscaping.
  • Creative measures to step-up the game for the look of your front yard including driveway, porch, garage, front walks, and side gardens.
  • Availing the best patio design and style with a special focus on its detailing and location designing.
  • Themed garden styling to set up the mood for a change that could range from traditional or country forms to the Mediterranean and tropical styles.
  • Design and ideas to stylize your kitchen garden and bathroom or living room flora with the mini pots of succulent, spiky, bushy, and leguminous plants that require minimum growing and maintenance conditions.
  • Ideas to work on the major landscapes like that of a residential building, schools/colleges, hospitals, etc. that demands a sober and ample spacing proficiency.
  • Trending landscape designing such as butterflies and bees attracting plantation, meadow gardening with indigenous plantations, mini farming trenches in the lawn area, and much more.

Certifications and Additional Services

The client should look for:

  • Certified approval from authorities like CLARB, ICPI, APLD, LA CES, and many more.
  • Warranty period for the installed and laid down equipment.
  • Insurance claim and coverage for the installed items.

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