When it comes to the construction of any residential building or a commercial complex or a public structure, the construction company is equipped with a bunch of service tags that enlists the categories and subcategories of the constructions services and delights provided by the company. Building service is one such category and it accommodates the services that basically give life to the building that needs to be up and running until the end of times. The team at Midcor commits and pertains to the latest development and upgrades in the mechanical support system of the nation, thereby delivering a safe and sound inhabiting premises to its client.
The services are tagged as MEP for the initials of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems equipped in a construction dwelling. A comprehensive list of mechanical support system rendered by a company enlists the following services:


HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning)

Heating and cooling system is imperative that ensures the quality living and work standards in a building. Especially for geographical locations that can witness extreme climatic conditions, it is essential to plan an integral layout and install an efficient ventilating system that can detect the changes in the temperature conditions and signal for an automated or manual regulation to work without hindrance throughout the year.

  • The heating systems like boiler, radiator, and furnace are marked for their efficiency based on the AFUE rating with a grading of 90-97%. The grading system ensures best equipment performance with low electricity consumption and sustainable work mechanism.
  • The cooling systems comprising of centralized AC, single AC, mini-duct air shafts, etc are graded based on SEER/EER ratings with 13 being the threshold and 16 or above being the best one in terms of energy and performance efficiency.
  • These installations require a well-planned flooring and voltage load layout to ensure uniform work performance throughout the building with longer durability.

Gas Supply system (for residential as well as commercial purposes)

When we talk of the gas supply system, it’s not just the cooking gas delivery to your house but the construction dwellers also take into account the gas supply of nitrogen, oxygen and other essential gases to hospitals, industries, and research institutes. The engineers and architects have to lay out an accident-proof pipe and venting system for quick and easy introduction and elimination of gas from the inlet and outlet valves respectively. Some of the gas supplies include:

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical supply
  • Welding and Cutting gases
  • Technical gases for diving, research, etc
  • Food Gas and Dry ice

From valve screw connections to cylinder pressure regulation, the designers and modelers are supposed to scrutinize each and every aspect to deliver a safe and user-friendly gas supply system.


Firefighting system (home sprinklers to firehouse supplies)

The construction companies need to account for the water suppressant piping system, location and number of sprinklers, venting system to prevent smoke accumulation, installation of fire suppressants based on the specific rooms and its commodities, and much more.

Vent and Piping system for compressed air used in industries

To ensure an unrestricted flow of compressed air and its subsequent removal through a carefully designed vent and chimney system, that is in accord with the construction policies laid down by the NCA, EPA, FEMA, etc, construction companies study, research and execute the well-suited plan for the commercial premises.


Basement Ventilation

With all the major construction works and equipment installations, the basement ventilation plans often get side-tracked in building contracts. A recent study reveals that the foundation of your house is 80% more prone to bacterial and mold homage owing to the porous nature of walls and supporting bars that can absorb 10-15 gallons of water vapor (humidity) per day.
The Midcor servicing team takes it as an obligation to render the building services pertaining to each and every corner of the edifice and the foundation or basement has its core position in that obligation.
The Midcor team strives to provide the best of the aforementioned services and be worthy of its client’s choice for choosing the best.

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