Plumbing and Fire Fighting

Falling under the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) category of buildings and constructions, the team of engineers and contractors operate under a well-planned system for a flawless creation of the proposed design with zero compromises in the pumping and HVAC systems. Midcor professionals studies, designs, and develops an accident-proof layout that accommodates an efficient venting and pumping system whose presence is never a subject of excess space occupancy.


Pumping System

We believe that pumping system is the neuronal network of the building whose omnipresence provides the qualifying conditions for a comfortable living and work space. Even the construction dwellings that support the transportation and medical care networks are built with an unquestionably efficient and palpable piping system that remain unhinged and effective even in the worst of the inhabiting and climatic conditions.
The gas connection isn’t just imperative for your kitchen needs but it also helps to maintain the overall warmth of your living area. It is made sure that the pipes and valves employed for such connections are resistant to extreme weather conditions and aggressive chemicals to delivers a safe, reliable and economic water and gas supply.

Water and Drainage Design

The pumping system secludes the connection of water supply that forms the vital incoming of fresh water from the shower to dishwashers. To minimize the monetary wastage for water supply it is crucial to determine the water demand in the building that includes, demand for potable water, domestic uses, firefighting, and in some cases the irrigation supply. The engineers need to design a precise water drawing system which is heavily influenced by the edifice structures like its height, foundation layout, basement piping, inline flush, and the presence of opening/closing valves in the premises.
The drainage system is another complicate layout that garners the incoming used and wastewater supply from bathrooms, kitchen, janitorial area, garbage disposal, Hydronic heaters, and rainwater outlets. The water pump laden system is governed by a number of important factors that includes sized distribution and stacking of the pipelines in the building; attachment of pumps, filters, sand traps; and presence of interceptors. The quality and durability of pipes and valves undoubtedly demand to be the best and sustainable in its field.


Firefighting System

Nowadays firefighting designs and system layouts are installed under the strict guidelines laid down by the fire management authorities of NFPA and FEMA. First and foremost task is to determine the hazard class of the building and its location. A variety of fire prevention and mitigating tools are available in the market but along with equipping the building with such tools, it is essential to first examine the piping and venting system of the building which can render the water supply with minimum time wastage and can perform extremely well with optimum maintenance and repair.

  • The threshold for basic firefighting pumping relay is to possess a continuous running for about 30-45 minutes with a minimum of 2 fire hydrants and fire hose systems that can perform unhinged at regulated pressures.
  • Specialized pumping systems like Novec, Foam Deluge, non-pyretic aerosol fire suppressants, etc shall be designed and installed in the inhabiting building based on its volume and surface area
  • In commercial buildings, generator and fuel rooms are fire-proofed with foam deluge fire fighting system

From the economically available commodities to luxurious comfort rendering connections, the Midcor team patiently details the client with every pumping and outlet option to the best of their knowledge so as to provide clients with an efficient pros and cons list to help them choose the best for their needs.

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