The procurement method loosely translates to the pyramid of the client, consultant, and construction companies to establish complete rights or dominion over a construction project with the client receiving the top-most position in the chain. The construction company with the best technological and intellectual workforce along with the adequate budget tenders emerges as the winner in this diligent race.
The competitive race opens the door to innovation and creativity amidst the chaos of bricks and mortar. Procurement of a high profile construction project not only makes a name for the company in the market but also carves the pathway for its historical establishment.



The philosophical experts define procurement as a series of calculated risk factors- each showcasing the strengths and weakness of the firm that helps the client to choose from the best available names.
Leveraging the best available resources and workforces is the sole key to winning the game of procurement and sometimes the company even accepts a deal of loss if it ensures safeguarding its workforce and financial rights.
Based on the marketing trend, the philosophers and 21st-century experts classify the construction procurement into 4 broad classes:

  • Traditional Method
  • Most popular and employed method
  • Design layout is controlled by the client and executed by contractor
  • Longer project duration due to sequential design and execution work protocol
  • Design and Build Method
  • Comparatively shorter project duration
  • Designing and building, both are under the contractor’s work memo
  • Management Contracting Method
  • Project Design and Layout is decided by the client along with an external consultant
  • Project execution is carried out by a hired contractor
  • Public-Private Partnership Method
  • Government and one or more Private firm subordinated construction project
  • Efficient and economical project proceedings


Midcor Constructions isn’t subordinate to anyone in this game either. Performing under the strict guidance lay down by the construction authorities and government rules, the professionals here strive to do their best and bring out the extraordinary from the ordinary projects.
“Our services enable Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Contractors and Builders to plan, design and execute their projects in the most competitive manner by leveraging our domain, technology and processes”
With the current advancements in living and flourishing trends, even the government authorities have extended their helping hand to ensure a fair and square gameplay in the world of the construction business. The NSW Government Procurement System operates in the support of:

  • Minimizing ideal conflicts between clients, contractors or builders by drafting a well-schemed strategy for procurement and contract works.
  • Nomination of an efficient and unbiased principal in the contract draft
  • Standardized format for delivering contracts and tender documents
  • Availing the best construction firm and contractors with a proven track record
  • Handy use of contracts in terms of clause management, sample draft letters, and checklists
  • Constant monitoring and tab keeping the proposed plans and on-going processes to maintain a proficient work performance
  • resolution of contractual claims and disputes


Midcor Constructions welcomes the procurement strategies of all sorts and varieties providing its best construction services and world-class consultancy to create the monument that can someday become a symbolic architecture for the world to witness.

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