Coming to our structural services, the accomplished engineers of the Midcor designing and execution team are professionals harboring the multi-cultural and multi-verse construction knowledge from counties of Europe, Middle-East, USA, and India. Owing to the nomadic life experience and versatile work experiences, this accomplished team helps to provide an insight not just into the core of the building but also to the thoughts and perspectives of the owner.


What the Team Tackles

The supervising and execution team of engineers work hand in hand to provide valuable inputs into construction decisions, addressing such aspects as:

  • Type of construction— Selection and designing of the structural skeletal system of the building which is subject to a number of factors including geographical location, zoning restrictions, building code, area and building dimensions, and the cost of raw materials.
  • Column locations— A uniform gridding system helps to efficiently assign space and occupancy for each and every specified requirement of the user. It is specifically useful for laying out a multi-verse space area for different purposes like parking lot or garage, pool, kid’s clubhouse, etc
  • Bracing or shear wall locations—This modulation goes right to the roots of the housing foundation, from where vertical braces or shear walls are fixated to prevent the building from getting knocked down due to any horizontal wind force, earthquake, etc.
  • Floor and roof penetrations—To design the flooring panel of your home or office is a tricky part since it demands a precise idea of division and leveling for accommodating stairs, elevators, exhaust shafts, etc
  •  Renovating  buildings—These primarily include re-flooring, modulations in rooftop design and its materials, decamping load-bearing walls, adding new hooks- and – loops, etc
  • Floor-to-floor heights—this is to provide a leveled ground to the building which could be disturbed owing to the installation of thermostats, piping, suspended ceiling, electric circuitry, etc.
  • Exterior cladding
  • Equipment and utility arrangements

Services Rendered

Enlisting the services offered by this team might be a bit of a hassle but we try to highlight the Midcor team’s specialties through following few points:

  • Foundation Layout and Design-the team starts with the core of the property- the foundation. Using various drawing software, they steamroll each curve and crevices of the foundation to flag up the strong and weak points of the foundation.
  • Traditional and Designer Flooring- the designing and modeling team chooses from the entire available flooring template the best one that suits the demand of the consumer and inputs the selected designs into GA system to provide a more effective vision of the choice to the user.
  • Rebar detailing, Bar Bending Schedule-the blueprint for framework supporting bars and rods are availed to the consumer and the changes are made thereafter, on the smart devices of graphical interfaces as per the need.
  • Software and 3D Modeling analysis- Structural analysis and design with animation and visualization platforms like ETABS, STAAD, SAFE to provide a more realistic perspective to the user
    Structural modeling using is done with numerous infrastructures designing software like Revit, Tekla, etc
  • BOM, BOQ- Billing of Materials and Billing of Quantities are the two living and breathing components of a construction tendering system which states the funding and resources availed through it starting from raw materials to the labors.
  • Structural audit and strengthening

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