Midcor fabrication services provide you amazing doors and windows, which are developed by the experts of our company. Professionals in our organization have used the German technology made machines, which are known for its efficiency and flexibility. You will get top quality of materials, which will have high durability and sustainability.

windows installation

The window installation procedure opted by Midcor has been designed to ensure that it facilitates quality installation with guaranteed service that lasts long. With a perfect mix of engineering and craftsmanship, we take professional pride for the work delivered by us. We believe that any addition to the house done by our skilled crafters makes it more of a home for individuals to live comfortably. Our team is dedicated to handle any kind of requirements which include possible scenarios for window installation such as:

  • Variations in thickness or wall materials.
  • Variety of sill construction or casings.
  • Any kind of changes from the house settling
  • Unpredicted structural damage

How we install the windows

Highly-functional German technology based machines play for our windows installation

Midcor houses a licensed set of window installers who ensure that your windows are placed with the structure of your house in a proper manner. We work with the latest German technology-based devices in order to ensure that nothing goes out of order during installation serving precision in work. Our process for window installation is very thorough, and we take each step with high caution to ensure you get service worth your money.
Our model for work includes steps such as:

  • Preparation of area by placing cloth to catch any debris without spoiling the area
  • Cleaning and preparation of the opening process
  • Insulation and sealing the frame tightly.
  • Verification of the work post completion
  • Cleaning up the area after everything is found perfectly functional

We aim at providing the best value for your money. It is not only the bespoke designs of windows and door that we create to compliment your interiors and exteriors, but we also ensure to use durable materials having great ability to hold up against the weather conditions.

Our experts will first inspect your home and talk to you regarding your needs because you may prefer the windows which need low maintenance, are energy efficient, heat resistant or which are just uncompromisingly strong. And then we will recommend you the materials which would meet your requirements effectively and would be cost-effective in the long run.

Midcor is equipped with premium quality hardware which is easy to work with and ensures added security for your home. We purchase material from the top and trusted brands which ensure to provide superior quality hardware products that meet the area’s forced entry codes.

Our experienced staff will help you choose the right locks which feature definite movement and click, smoothly working handles, and will ensure that the hardware finish matches perfectly with your door style. We will show you all the feasible options while informing you about their cons and pros, and thus, help you in picking the right one.

Though single insulated glass is still used for windows, it totally depends on your home’s requirements that whether it will be a good choice for you or not. The outside environment, the climate in your area, other environmental factors and the energy efficiency needs of your house are the main factors which will let you make a decision.

Midcor professionals specialize in the installation of single insulated glass. No matter what your considerations are, we will assist you in choosing the right glass for your windows, which will not only provide you the value for money but will also assure better protection from the outside conditions.

Double insulated glasses are a good choice when your priority is to prevent the heat entering your house. The air gap between the two glasses acts as a poor conductor of heat and prevents the heat to cross. Apart from this, the double glass windows lower the energy bills, reduce noise, provide better security and play a role in enhancing the resale value of your house.

Well experienced with the installation of the double insulated glass windows, the professionals at Midcor are aware of using the right glass combination. We have the skills and the equipment that let us ensure proper installation of the double insulated glass windows.

Triple insulated glass works effectively for enhancing the energy efficiency of a home. On a regular basis, it improves the ER rating of the window by 35%. Another good thing about these is soundproofing. The extra panes of glass make the windows more soundproof and thus, is good for the buildings having noisy surroundings. The other benefits of triple insulated glass are reduced condensation and durability.

We, at Midcor, are efficient in the installation of the windows made of triple insulated glass. Just let us inspect your home and we will make sure to use triple insulated glass which will definitely work to enhance the efficiency of your home


If you desire to get the efficient product for your home or offices, Midcor would be the best option for you.

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